Jahah – Do What You Love Download

Jahah is a producer-singer/songwriter from Atlanta born in Seattle, Washington who has worked with Cool Million, Tha Bizness, Pink, Wale, Arrested Development, and Kendrick Lamar to name a few and is an artist in his own right.

The 50 50 Show with Jahah’s blessings have made his current album Do What You Love available for download via Download – Do What You Love

It features one of my favourite tracks of last year ‘Principles’ , new material is forthcoming from Jahah , please support Independent Soul Music.


1. Do What You Love 3:26

2. No Validation 3:34

3. All the Way Up 3:01

4. For the L.U.V. 3:44

5. Do Not Assume 3:08

6. Too Late 3:17

7. Transparent 3:14

8. Some Feel Good 3:13

9. What It Do 3:04

10. Supah Love 3:15

11. Hope You Don’t Mind 3:15

12. B.A.E. (Baby Baby Baby) 3:39

12a. Principles 3:21



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