The 50 50 Show : Playcast : Edition 7

The 50 50 Show : Playcast : Edition 7

Monday December 4 2017

00 Mariama Ceesay Think About You Instead (Cool_Million_Remix) 0
01 Qwestlife, Jacqui George Give Me A Minute (Extended Mix)
02 Dax On Sax, Lisa Shaw Other Side (Sebb Junior Remix)
03 Clinton Babers II All About You
04 Amp Fiddler Keep Coming
05 Tamy Stevens Black Panther Ep – Love Slaves
06 Torshia I Quit
07 Angelia Williams Bliss.
08 Harmony V Over Love

09 947 Al Green I Can’t Stop I Can’t Stop 2003 Blue Note
10 946 Adika Pongo Chill Out 2011
11 945 R.Kelly Love Letter Not Feelin The Love Radio Message Love Letter 2012
12 944 Eric Benet The One Harriett Jones (Cool Million Remix) 2012
12a 943 Various Marvin is 60 Kenny Lattimore (Marvin Is 60 Tribute Album) Just To Keep You Satisfied.mp3
14 942 R’Mone Entonio Without You
15 941 Tim Bowman Jr Im Good
16 940 AverySunshine Heaven is Right Here (feat. Mr Ta Twenty Sixty Four 1
17 939 Tina Moore All In My Vibe Soldier
18 938 Sheree Brown ’83 It’s A Pleasure

19 Jaleal Meadows Fly Away (Soul Disco Remix)
20 Micky More, Andy Tee, Angela Johnson Can I (Show You Real Love) (Original Classic Mix)
20a Erin Stevenson Naked
21 Ajia Real Love
22 Raveena If Only
23 Six Minutes Til Sunrise Thinkin’ about You
24 Tonyaa Thank You for Waiting EP Wonder Bout My Love
25 Carreri and Macchiavelli Feat Eric King Hot_Butterfly (Rob_Hardt_Rework


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