The 50 50 Show : Playcast : Edition 12a

Saturday January 13

The 50 50 Show : Playcast : Edition 12a

00 Remix Ed The Red feat. MJ White Time In the BottleMidnight Soul mix [Single]
01 Daniel March Falling For You Pt I & II [Single]
02 Cleveland P. Jones Be Kind [Single]
03 MSwift Come on up for a while 01 Come on up for a while feat. Lex Cameron [Single]
04 Shanay King Gud Day [Single]
05 Bella Lyric Thought You Should Know [Single]
06 Snow White Blackbird Life Denise Mix from LIfe [Album]
07 Curtis Taylor from #Hashtagged #Paperchase feat. Paul Castelluzzo  [Album]08 Ntjam Rosie Breaking Circles  played Take a Good Look at Me  [Album]
09 Sir Wick played You Will Never Know Closing Credits from A Tale Of Two Fools Novical Soundtrack  [Album]
10 Marenikae Gidi [Single]
11 The Jaze’s Knights feat. Donny Balice Supernova  played Supernova[Album]
12 Michelle John You Win Radio Edit [Single]
12a Trina Broussard Where I’m Supposed to Be [Single]
14 Isis Damil Civil Love  played I Love You [Album]15 Kymlacole Something Great [Single]
16 Supacio Funky Love played Feelin’ Good  [Album]
17 Richard Bailey All My Desires OriginalMix [feat. Gary B. Poole, TGroove & Greg Doggett] [Single]
18 Sophie Faith and Midnight Phunk Say So Radio Edit [Single]
20 Black Diamond Love Journey played Best Thing  [Album]
21 Sunstone Hope  played Sunshine  [Album]
22 Run N Fly from Run N Fly played Daughter of Cain  [Album]23 Jamecia Bennett Man 4 Me [Single]
24 The Soultrend Orchestra 84 King Street played Shiver feat. Frankie Pearl [Album]
25 Lynette Powers How Did We Get Here [Single]
26 Ashley Felder The One [Single]
27 Regina Chavon Better Days  played Together Again  [Album]
28 Sir Wick played Tuesday Heartbreak The Reflex Revision  Novical Soundtrack [Album]



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