The 50 50 Show : Playcast : Edition 31

The 50 50 Show : Playlist : Edition 31

01 Robb Scott Neptune Atmosphere Phil Asher & Mighty Zaf ’80s Remix
02 Darien Dean Last Song feat. Tiffany T’zelle
03 Kris G Crash and Burn I’m Still Me
04 Karma – Karma
05 Flyt from After Light
06 Ajia Visions EP Hype
07 Tara Alesia The Natural Something Crazy
08 MSwift My City feat. Natalie Oliveri
09 Maleke O’Ney Over Here
10 Miss Mojo Fall Again
11 Rai Love’s on the Way

A Kilo To Go Charting Soul Music 1996 to 2017
814 RUSSELL THOMPSON Hold on to Your Dream 1999 Russell Thompson Feat Gerald Levert Over And Over
813 REMY SHAND The Way I Feel 202Remy Shand Take A Message
812 REGINA BELLE This Is Regina 202Regina Belle Oooh Boy
811 LLorca Rather Be Lonely
810 Toiya 206 New Thing 

017 Jazzy Jeff from M3 The Way We Cool
018 Peabo Bryson Stand for Love All She Wants To Do Is Me
019 Kemi Browne Mantras of the Soul Smile
020 Mike Green Honey
021 Lisa Bello Tommy Boy Ain’t It Something
022 David P Stevens featuring Carol Riddick 2Nite
023 Sidibe What Should One Do
024 – K.Avett – Lioness Time Wont Wait
025 Roszunn Urban Love Letters Best That We Can
026 Ruby Francis To Be Fair Heart Rate
027 Jordan Rakei Wildfire

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