The 50 50 Show : Playcast : Edition 37

The 50 50 Show : Playcast : Edition 37

Wednesday July 11 2018

000 Ajia Here We Go Now (Remix)
001 P.J.3 Axiom Pt 1 Time 2 Unwind
002 Mother Favourite Child Beautiful Demon No Longer See Me (feat. Morris Alan)
003 Kolette Easy Believe Hang In
003a Jason Taylor The Multiverse Bottom of My Heart
004 Michon Young Love Life Experience Pt 2 Driving to Purpose It’s All About Me
005 A.Loren The Easy Part
006 Khalilah E Mitchell Kissed by the Sun
007 Sunstone Pretty Woman in search of a Hero Hero
008 Small Creatures So Far Out
009 Teronze Pretty Little Cocoa Walls (Sweet Somethings)
010 South Indy Project Relationship Suite Shawntaé
011 Bernard Dinata Breeze
012a Bey Bright Together As One feat Nia Simmons
014 Bree and The Reeds The Cul De Sac High
014a Children of Zeus Sling Shot Riddim (feat. Terri Walker)
015 Miss Lady Blues Can’t Get Enough
016 Shirley Campbell Extraordinary Disaster Disgusting Anxiety
017 Darryl Anders Agapesoul Conversations Kite
018 Lizzie Nicholson Vacuously Drooling Pellucid Hippies
019 Daneen Wilburn After All This Time The Only Way
020 Jo’v What Goes Around
021 Carlos Armon Free Free
022 Cassowary Price Went Up
023 Lynne Fiddmont Power of Love Go
023a Sherena Wynn Your Love
024 Stillwell Blue Hot Thang
024a This Is Love EP Cold World
025 Show Tyme Love Truth Change My Life
028 Jaki Graham When a Woman Loves Use Me

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