The 50 50 Show – Zo! Giveaway

The 50 50 Show – Zo! Giveaway

Wednesday July 18

Tonight on the 50 50 Show we are giving away Not 1, Not 2, but 3 Zo! Albums

Just Visiting Three
Just Visting Three

Just Visiting Too
Just Visiting Too

Zo! and Tigallo – Love The 80’s
Zo! and Tigallo – Love The 80’s

A keyboardist first, and also a bassist, guitarist, drummer, and producer, Lorenzo “Zo!” Ferguson balanced his love of music and baseball throughout his childhood. The native Detroiter was drafted as an outfielder by the Toronto Blue Jays in 1996, rounds ahead of then-future MLB all-stars Orlando Hudson, Juan Pierre, and Barry Zito. Ferguson accepted a full-ride baseball scholarship to Western Kentucky, however, and earned a degree in graphic design. Shortly thereafter, in 2001, he began his recording career with Ablyss, the first of several instrumental releases. His profile increased throughout the next several years as he issued albums like Passion & Definition (2004), the Asylum 7 collaboration Overdue Process (2009), and a pair of covers EPs dubbed Just Visiting, on which he was joined by guest vocalists on reinterpretations of songs by Anita BakerMinnie Ripertonthe Jones Girls, and Don Blackman. All the while, he was earning a Master’s degree in special education and logging hours of session work with the likes of Athletic Mic LeagueSlum VillagePlatinum Pied Pipers, and members of the extended Foreign Exchange family. His SunStorm, released in July 2010, was the culmination of his frequent run-ins with the Foreign Exchange and its many affiliates. It featured collaborations with PhonteDarien BrockingtonCarlitta Durand, and YahZarah, as well as Sy SmithLady Alma, and Monica Blaire. In May 2013, he released a sharper second album on Foreign Exchange‘s label, titled ManMade. Many of his familiar associates, along with Gwen Bunn1-O.A.K.ChoklateJeanne JollyAnthony David, and Carmen Rogers, took part. The deeply personal SkyBreak, issued in May 2016, was released following the death of Ferguson‘s father. Some expected collaborators, along with Dornik and Joi Gilliam, were involved in its making.


The 50 50 Show – Edition 37 – Preview

The 50 50 Show – Edition 37 – Preview

Wednesday July 18 2018

Welcome to the School Of Unique Learning  LISTEN NOW to the 50 50 Show on Mi-Soul Conoisseurs. Interact at 50 50 Show Crowd Chat and Poll .

Every Wednesday from 7.00pm for Two Hours we will endeavour to bring you the listener the best in Pre, New, Independent, Modern Contemporary and Uptempo Soul Music.

In Edition 37 of the 50 50 Show on Mi-Soul Conoisseurs ‘Just Press Play’ we have Music from Kolette Easy, Michon Young, Small creatures, Sunstone, Darryl Anders, Lynne Fiddmont, and an absolute incredible remainder of  good tunes, some too good to mention.

The show is usually wrapped a chart ‘A Kilo To Go’ charting soul music from 1996 to 2017, a Top 1000 in effect, we will be holding over the chart until next week .

We will also be making freely available and legally an  Independent Soul release so listen up people throughout the show.

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The 50 50 Show : Playcast : Edition 36

The 50 50 Show : Playcast : Edition 36

Wednesday July 04 2018

000 Tony Momrelle This Isn’t Love Buscrates Remix
001 Show Tyme Something About You
002 Michon Young Love Life Experiences Volume 2 Go Get It m
003 Lynne FIddmont from Power of Love Daylight
004 Tyler Collins Luv Me
005 Izah My Man
006 Ada About Us
007 Ty Causey Shake & Dance
008 Quentin Moore Chocolate Daddy
009 Jerrell Dean Daddy’s Song Continue reading


The 50 50 Show : Playcast : Edition 34

The 50 50 Show : Playcast : Edition 34

Wednesday June 20 2018

00 Lisa Stansfield  – Never Ever Snowboy
01 Steal Vybe feat Sara Devine – Fill The Skyy (80’s Boogie Back Mix)
02 Leeanne Brown  – Love Life and Rhythms Rise Up We
03 Lovell  – Watcha Gonna Do 03 Lovell Watcha Gonna Do
04 Sir Jewlz – from Lost n Love The Love 04 Sir Jewlz from Lost n Love The Love
05 Michon Young  – Love Life Experience Volume 2 Simple Easy Love
06 Kishi Johnson – Stay
07 Sunstone I Love You (Way Too Much)
08 Al Lindsey Versatility
09 Cassandra Mitchell Chances
09a Tassiana Darkest Blue  Continue reading


The 50 50 Show : Playcast : Edition 33

The 50 50 Show : Playcast : Edition 33

01 Maleke O’Ney Pentecostal Girl from COAPCG
02 Tallahassee NightsLive Antigravity (feat. Shakayla Wiggins) from Volume 1
03 Baby Rose from Dusk Til Dawn  – On Your Mind
04 Leanne Brown – Surprise from Love , Life and Rhythm
05 Loony Warm – Weather
06 GroovProject  – Let’s Stay Together feat. Tasha Larae
07 Shawndella  – Fly
08 Grass Ain’t Greener from Loves On The Way Rai (Ray)
09 Jacob Lusk Let Me Be the First from My Love Story
10 James VIII T- hings We Carry Continue reading


The 50 50 Show : Playcast : Edition 32

The 50 50 Show : Playcast : Edition 32

Wednesday June 06

00 Tai Malone Deep Sole Syndicate Desperate Souls (Original Mix)
01 Deva Mahal Wicked DJ Spen & Reelsoul Radio Edit
02 Foreign Exchange June
03 Rahsaan Patterson Wonderful Star
04 James VIII Things We Carry
05 Emdee Brown Hold On
06 Uness Did It Have to Be Like This
07 Shonda English Feels Good
08 Marva King Sexay (Steppers)
09 Jaki GrahamAbout Your Love Continue reading